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Jewish Warsaw Tour – discover the Jewish heritage

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The Jewish Warsaw tour is a special itinerary to discover the traces of the Jewish life, martyrdom and heritage. The tour is done both from a car/van/motorcoach and on foot.

Jewish Warsaw Tour: Heroes of the Ghetto

First, you will see the monument to the Heroes of the Ghetto. This monument was erected in 1948 on the ruins of the Jewish quarter. Here you will learn about the life and struggle of the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. This extremely powerful memorial stands in front of one of the best museums in Europe – Museum of the History of the Polish Jews POLIN. Next we drive to the Umschlag Platz memorial, commemorating the deportation of 300.000 Warsaw Jews to Treblinka extermination camp. Following the memorial, we drive along the path of remembrance by the Mila 18 bunker, where Mordechai Anielewicz and other members of the resistance commited suidice. After that we follow to Grzybowski Square – the former Small Ghetto. We stop here to see the Nożyk Synagogue and Próżna street. Next we proceed towards the remnant of the original ghetto wall.

Jewish heritage: traces and monuments

Our Jewish Warsaw tour helps you discover the traces and heritage of the second largest pre-war Jewish community in the world. We therefore continue towards across the Vistula river to Praga district, where an important and numerous Jewish community lived before WWII.  We will see tenement houses,  old mikvah building and other Jewish institutions, which escaped war destruction. After that we will drive towards the Bródno Jewish Cemetery, the burial ground of Warsaw’s poorer Jews. This is the oldest Jewish cemetery in the city. Founded in 1780 much of it was wrecked during the Nazi-German occupation, with many tombs being used as paving stones for streets and roads.

Later we shall return to the left Warsaw riverbank to visit Chłodna street. There, we will see impressive, richly ornamented apartment houses. In one of them Adam Czerniaków, the chairman of the ghetto’s Judenrat lived. Next, we pass by the place where once the large and small ghetto were linked by a wooden footbridge. Today in its place you can admire a modern installation. In the vicinity you can also see another interesting art installation designed by a modern Israeli artist – the Keret House. The Keret House is an insert between two existing buildings, representing defferent historical periods in Warsaw’s history. To learn more visit

To conclude the Jewish Warsaw tour, we visit the Jewish cemetery  on Okopowa street (additional fee), with many richly ornamented tombstones and resting place to many eminent Warsaw Jews.

duration: max. 4h 

PRICE (per tour): 500 PLN / 110 EUR

PRICE with a car: 650 PLN / 145 EUR

Supplementary hour: 130 PLN / 30 EUR


  • POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews or the Jewish Historical Institute (additional time approx. 2 hrs and fee required)n