Visit these places with me during Warsaw and surroundings tour.

Discover Warsaw surroundings and the attractions of the region

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First of all, Warsaw surroundings are not only the melancholic landscapes of the Mazovian countryside. The region of Mazovia also features interesting historical monuments, elegant residences, manor houses and charming small towns. As a result, many of the Mazovian towns and villages have preserved their history, traditions and folklore.

Warsaw surroundings: come and find your story

If you are interested in a direction other than here presented or if you want to trace down and visit a locality connected with your personal history – let me know – I will gladly prepare an interesting route for you.


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Żelazowa Wola – where Frederic Chopin was born

In the beginning of our exploration of Warsaw surroundings in the footsteps of Chopin we will drive 60 km outside of Warsaw to see Żelazowa Wola. Żelazowa Wola was a small estate where in 1810 the famous Polish composer Frederic Chopin was born. Due to its high value for the Polish culture the manor house is now a museum, and you can stroll through a beautiful botanical garden around it. It is also possible to listen to Chopin’s music recitals (Saturdays and Sundays).

Brochów – where Chopin was baptized

Next, we drive to visit a late-gothic parish church of Brochów. This is where Chopin’s parents got married. This is also where baby Frederic was baptized. On the way back to Warsaw you have a chance to see the typical countryside landscapes of the Warsaw surroundings with forests, farmhouses and villages.

PRICE (per tour): 550 PLN / 125 EUR

PRICE with a car 850 PLN/ 190 EUR

Supplementary hour: 130 PLN / 30 EUR


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In memoriam

We drive approx. 90 km north-east of Warsaw to see the Treblinka death camp memorial, a place that commemorates nearly 800 000 Jews killed in gas chambers in 1942-43. All traces of the original camp were destroyed and erased by the Nazis, but the site is a powerful and moving memorial in honor of all those who perished.

PRICE (per tour): 600 PLN / 130 EUR

PRICE with a car: 900 PLN / 200 EUR

Supplementary hour: 130 PLN / 30 EUR


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Discover the beauty of Nieborow palace

Warsaw surroundings feature splendid aristocratic residences. One of them, Nieborów palace, located approx. 1 hour drive to the west of Warsaw, belonged to one of the wealthiest and most influential Polish noble families – Radziwill. We begin this tour with a visit in this magnificent residence, built in baroque style by the end of the 17th century and owned by the Radziwills until 1945. Its rich decorations, original artefacts, paintings and famous Dutch tiles from 18th and 19th century, make an unforgettable impression on the visitors. To learn more visit http://www.nieborow.art.pl/en/ 

Discover the beauty of nature

Next, we will visit a nearby English style park laid out by the lady Radziwill of Nieborow. The Arkadia park features melanchonic meditation sites, chapels and “ancient” ruins. While strolling through the park you can try to recreate a romantic and idyllic atmosphere of the mythical Arkadia.

Discover the folklore

Subsequently, we pay a visit to the town of Łowicz. It is a great opportunity to become familiar with the picturesque mazovian traditions and colorful folklore, especially on days of church holidays like the Corpus Christi day.

PRICE (per tour): 650 PLN / 150 EUR

PRICE with a car: 950 PLN/ 220 EUR

Supplementary hour: 130 PLN / 30 EUR