Me and children during one of the tours.


School tours and tours for children

One of my specialties are school tours. School tours are special sightseeings designed for children and teenagers – school and kindergarten groups. Before the school tour I like to speak with teachers to find out more about the children. This helps me adjust the program and the way of communication  to the age of young tourists. I pay close attention to their physical condition, weather and topics currently covered in school.

Legends and places

School tours are a perfect opportunity to listen to the most beautiful Warsaw legends and see places which speak best to the imagination of the kids. Learn about the legendary Wars and Sawa, the founders of the city. Look at the proud mermaid with a sword and a shield in her hands. Find the house of the scary Bazyliszek monster. And admire the palace where once the Golden Duck swam in her pond.

Live history class

School tours are a great alternative to history classes in a school classroom. They are also an ideal completion of the topics kids currently discuss in class. Kids can experience a live history lesson and learn with all the senses. Tours are interactive and encourage children to ask questions. Visits in such great and youth-friendly museums as the Museum of the History of the Polish Jews POLIN or the Museum of the Warsaw Rising become a true highlight of a school tour and remain in the children’s minds for long.


Usually during the school tours I make use of worksheets, which are adjusted to the age and abilities of the children. The worksheets help them remember the information gained during the tour and, at the same time, encourage the kids to listen carefully and engage themselves in the tour experience. Here you will find examples of assignment sheets for a group of Polish kindergarten pupils.